Gurpreet Mann

Talent Attraction & Retention Expert, HR Superhero Human Resources Project Management Certification Digital HR Transformation Certification Strategic Business HR Partner Certification Strategic Talent Acquisition Certification Certificate in HR Law

About this speaker

Expert in Managing Your Business's #1 Asset, Your Talent!

It's Strategy & Structure First - Then People!

I Help SMBs Attract & Retain The RIGHT TALENT To Scale Their Business + Increase

Their Revenues & Profits.

I have been working in HR for 15+ years now. I have worked with all sizes of Organizations from Large to Small.

And I have seen it all!

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Amplify DEI Behind The Scenes With Gurpreet Mann

Gurpreet Mann Vivian Acquah  (she/her/hers)

Diversity Isn't ONLY About Race & Gender, It Goes Beyond That

Gurpreet Mann