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Anita Abaisa

Upgrader of Socio-Economic Positions, Ibias VR

Vivian Acquah (she/her/hers)

Inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate, Viva La Vive

Olivia Fromm

Regional Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair - iPride, EMEA | DEI Advocate | Senior L&D Specialist, Indeed

Monique Jozwiakowski

Change & Corporate Communications Advisor; Writer, Storyteller & Strategist, MOJOZ Consulting, LLC

Ryker Knapp

Sr. Learning and Development Specialist, Indeed

Bogdan Manta

Neuroscience for Business Expert, The Essential Experts

Martin Mason (He/Him)

Unleashed International, Unleashed International

Kiana Minkie

Marketing Content Specialist, Acrolinx GmbH

Leon Pieters

Global Consumer Industry Leader, Deloitte

Hilary Richters

Director & Lead Digital Ethics, Deloitte

Estelle Roux-Stevens

People and Culture Advisor and Mentor, Mentorjam

Omena Ukeleghe

North & South Europe Inclusion Lead, Deloitte

Mira Culic Griffiths

Leadership Coach, The Mind Takeaway

Peter Griffiths

Leadership Coach & Creativity Catalyst, The Mind Takeaway

Yuli Kim

Learning and Development Program Manager, Workplace Pride Amsterdam

Marjolijn Vlug

Career & Allyship Coach, Marjolijn Vlug Coaching

Megan Abman

Co-Founder of Strata RMK, Strata RMK Consulting, LLC

Monique Arrington

Founder, Arrington Case by Case

Leigh Ann Arthur

Managing Director, LAA International Executive Search

Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo, PhD

Equitable and Culturally Responsive Researcher and Evaluator, TERSHA LLC

Nora Bank

Change Maker, Utopia

Stacy Bernal

Change Instigator, See Stacy Speak LLC

Ariffa Bevin

Manager of Diveristy, Equity and Inclusion, CDE, Unite Us

Lewis Booij

Copywriter, Content Strategist & Neuro Copywriter, The Essential Experts

Ruben Brave

Dutch Internet Pioneer, Entelligence BV

Audry Bron

DEI & Global Communication Expert, Bontekoning & Bron

Sandra Camacho (she/her)

Inclusive Design Strategist, Sandra By Design

Kemo Camara

Founder & CEO of Omek, OMEK

Sarah Cordivano

Associate Director, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Springer Nature

Isis Cruz

Performing artist/Designer, Isis Nominanda Cruz

Binnaz Cubukcu

Ethics and Integrity Leader, Inter IKEA Group

Michael Dillard

CEO | President, iOn Global Contracting

Steven Dossou

Be Transformed, Sailforce Catalyst

Jina Etienne (she/her)

Founder & Principal Consultant, Etienne Consulting

Nadi Fantastic

Anti Oppression Business Coach and Educator, Accountable Roots with Nadi Fantastic

Fran Ferris Ockwell

Purpose driven leadership coach, Mantle

Daniele Fiandaca

Co Founder and Change Maker, Utopia

Greg Fontus

DEI Strategist, Consultant, and Motivator, The Fontus Experience/Proactive Talent

Cordelia Gaffar

cordeliagaffar.com, cordeliagaffar.com

Christina Garrett

Executive Women's Productivity Consultant, The Momathon Organization Movement, LLC

Nina Guillerme

Intersectional DEI advocate, facilitator and trainer, Diverse and Inclusive consulting

Garima Gupta

Senior Director, HR partnerships & Inclusion, Relativity

Jessy Halison (she/her/hers)

Engineering Manager @Ecosia, DEI in Tech coach and mental health awareness advocate, Ecosia

Asiya Hasan-Damen

Helping build empathetic workplaces for the future, Cultuurloop

Amarachi Igboegwu

DEI Strategist/International Facilitator, Ignite2Transform

Melanie Jacob

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Melanie Jacob Consulting

Lana Jelenjev

Community Alchemist, Neurodiversity Foundation/Neurodiversity Education Academy

Elizabeth Lembke

Chief Talent Navigator or Devil's Advocate for Talent, Transforming Talent

Cece Leung

Accounting DEI Champion, The Entrepreneur CFO

Angela Loy

Self Love & Curl Coach, Angela Loy

Karyn Lu

Co-Founder of Strata RMK, Strata RMK

Jessika Lynch

Thought Leadership Strategist and Communication Expert, Revolve for Impact

Zakiya Mabery

Intersectionality is a superpower, B. Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Planning

Anu Mandapati

VP, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Talking Talent

Gurpreet Mann

Talent Attraction & Retention Expert, HR Superhero

Lara Manqui

Growth Coach for Female Technologists and Social Justice Champion, Lara Manqui

Shaun Mason

Scott Mason, LLC, Scott Mason, LLC

Tebogo R. Mazibuko (she/her/hers)

Sees diversity as a fact, life long learner & with a multi layered life experience, Individual

Toni McLelland

Critical Friend, Crisis Navigator, Business Mentor, 1st Life Consultancy Group

Uzma Mohamedali

Coach and activist, Reflect to Act Coaching

Jude Morrow

Autistic Consultant To Fortune 500 Companies, global non-profits and 2x Tedx Speaker, Neurodiversity Training International

Regina Motarjeme

Co-founder Strata RMK Consulting, Strata RMK Consulting

Monika Navandar

Founder and Chief DEI Consultant, NeoSeven Solutions

Dr Audrey Flore Ngomsik

Corporate Social Sustainability strategist, Trianon Scientific Communication

David O'Coimin

Founder & CEO of Nook Workplace Wellness Pods, Nook Workplace Wellness Pods

Sergio Panday

Co-Founder Roots Inspire, Roots Inspire

Tammy Parrish

Image Consultant, The Clothing Compass

Sujan Patel

SaaS marketing leader, Mailshake

Maybelyn Plecic

CEO and Founder, Vitamae

Paula Quinsee

Growth Mindset Catalyst, Mental Health, and GBVH Advocate, Ati2ud Communications

Matthew Reynolds

Guide in helping you find your "Truth Vision", Matthew Reynolds Consulting, LLC

Mark Travis Rivera

Professional Storyteller, DEI Consultant, Speaker, and Writer, Nika White Consulting

Catarina Rivera, MSEd, MPH

Disability Public Speaker + DEI Consultant, Blindish Latina

Mary Jane Roy

Corporate Advisor, Facilitator, Presenter on Resilient Employees, Creating Waves

Kelly Rubin

Strengths Coach & Mental Health Advocate, Independent

Sudha Sharma

Executive Presence for Women ( POC), Frucor Suntory

Angela Shaw

Chief People Officer, JuiceLand

Mikayla Sinead

Bridge Network Group Ltd

Valerie Spain

Owner, Valerie Spain Coaching for Transformation & Equity

Paulina Tenner

Founder, Investor, Speaker & Author, GrantTree

Viona Terleth

Happy Millennials, Happy Millennials

Sejal Thakkar

Chief Civility Officer, Trainxtra

Jenny Toh

Founder and Director, River Life Coaching Pte. Ltd.

Stefan Tonnon

VP human Resources EMEA, Insight Enterprises

Csaba Toth

ICQ Global

Mireille Toulekima

Women leaders in non traditional industries, MT Energy Technical Academy

Garry Turner

Strategic Advisor, Facilitator & Interpersonal Guide, Garry Turner

Julie Turney

HRforHR Coach, [email protected] Consulting Inc.

Saskia Wenniger

Coach for Neurodivergents and Learning Designer, Brilliantly Diverse / Kritisch&Creatief

Naomi Williams

JEDI Catalyst & Career Development Coach, Nao Coaching & Esade

Peter Zerp

Supplier Inclusion & Diversity Program Lead, Accenture

Baiba Žiga

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advocate | Founder & CEO of Lakehouse Consulting, Lakehouse Consulting Ltd