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Maybelyn Plecic

Your Voice and Story Matters

A Talk by Maybelyn Plecic (CEO and Founder, Vitamae)

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About this Talk

Your life lessons resonate with many people. Be brave and share your story. Be proud of all the battle scars that you received as you grow and conquer the barriers ahead of you. It is okay. There are so many good people out there who want to get to know you and see you as an inspiration they can follow. It helps others continue to stay strong. You matter, and you are not alone.

Session Takeaways

  1. Learn actionable steps to promote DEI in your own story.
  2. Find hope and more purpose through collaboration and learning to be part of the change.
  3. Recognize the potential to do fantastic work for the whole world's benefit through small actions that matter.

Facts Related To This Presentation

According to the McKinsey Women in The Workplace research 2020: For every 100 men promoted to manager, only 85 women were promoted—and this gap was even larger for some women: only 58 Black women and 71 Latinas were promoted. As a result, women remained significantly outnumbered in entry-level management at the beginning of 2020—they held just 38 percent of manager-level positions, while men held 62 percent.

About The Speaker

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Maybelyn Plecic

Maybelyn Plecic

CEO and Founder, Vitamae

Categories Covered

Gender Equality



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