Catarina Rivera, MSEd, MPH

Why is disability often left out of DEI? How to address the barriers and create real change.

A Talk by Catarina Rivera, MSEd, MPH (Disability Public Speaker + DEI Consultant, Blindish Latina)

About this Talk

Disability is part of diversity too. Worldwide, 15% of people are disabled. Disability intersects with all other diversity dimensions. So why is it often left out of DEI initiatives? What can we do to change this?

Join this presentation to hear the main reasons disability gets left behind and learn concrete strategies for addressing these barriers. If you’re wondering why we even need to focus on disability, then this presentation’s for you. If you care about retaining employees, driving innovation, and designing better products- guess what? This presentation’s for you.

Session Takeaways

  1. Disabled is not a bad word.
  2. Designing inclusive workplaces will benefit all employees, not just disabled ones.
  3. Disability needs to be a part of DEI initiatives and each person can make an impact as an ally.

Facts Related To This Presentation

Companies that rank highly on The Disability Equality Index earn 30% higher economic profit margins than other companies. (Accenture, The Accessibility Advantage)

Only 39% of employees with disabilities have disclosed to their manager, and 21% to HR. (Center for Talent Innovation, Disabilities and Inclusion)

Globally, there are approximately 1 billion individuals with disabilities with US $8 trillion in disposable income, making them the 3rd largest economic power in the world. (Accenture)

About The Speaker

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Catarina Rivera, MSEd, MPH

Catarina Rivera, MSEd, MPH

Disability Public Speaker + DEI Consultant, Blindish Latina

Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (IAAP)

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