Cece Leung

The real meaning of being a female minority leader

A Talk by Cece Leung (Accounting DEI Champion, The Entrepreneur CFO)

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Being a woman is a competitive advantage, not a detriment. Recognize the immense power of your heritage, values and mindset, and cultivate accordingly Lead gracefully, and with pride. Build a culture of acceptance There’s always more glass ceilings to crack Always raise your hand

Session Takeaways

DEI is a everyday practice Not just have a seat at the table but real voice to affect change Change starts with us

Facts Related To This Presentation

In Mar 2020, World Economic Forum reported that the overall number of women in top business roles is still painfully low – only 5% of CEOs of major corporations in the US are women. In 2019, International Labour Organization published a report” Women in Business and Mgmt"" stated that 57% of respondents agreed that diversity initiatives improved their business outcomes. About three-quarters reported increases in profitability, productivity and improvement in attracting and retaining talents.

About The Speaker

Cece Leung

Cece Leung

Accounting DEI Champion, The Entrepreneur CFO