Sejal Thakkar

The Pain, Paradox and Power of Bias

A Talk by Sejal Thakkar (Chief Civility Officer, Trainxtra)

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About this Talk

Having grown up in a predominantly Italian neighborhood growing up, Sejal was no stranger to facing bias on a daily basis. Sejal will examine the concept of bias through three different viewpoints -the pain, paradox and power of bias and encourage us to show compassion in the face of adversity by controlling our biases.

Session Takeaways

Understand bias and it's unintended consequences. Gain awareness of how bias can unconsciously control our thoughts and behaviors. Learn strategies to mitigate bias.

Facts Related To This Presentation

Our brain processes close to 11 million pieces of information per second. Only 50 is consciously processed.

We make 11 judgments about someone within the first 7 seconds of meeting them.

When people hurt those around them, they themselves are hurting inside.

We are capable of being hurtful and hurting those around us.

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Sejal Thakkar

Sejal Thakkar

Chief Civility Officer, Trainxtra

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