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Amarachi Igboegwu

Starting a DEI Journey: Ready, Set, Go!

A Talk by Amarachi Igboegwu (DEI Strategist/International Facilitator, Ignite2Transform)

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About this Talk

My presentation will focus on how to start a DEI journey. Based on my own lived experience, I will take participants on my DEI journey sharing the various ways I built allyship and support to help my organisation incorporate a DEI framework in the organisation. Given that many organisations are keen on starting a DEI journey, and are serious about being authentic and not performative. This presentation will answer these questions and provide a route map for starting their DEI journey in earnest.

Session Takeaways

My objectives: 1. Understanding the WHY. Participants will go away identifying their why concretely. 2. They will know the first three steps they'll need to start their DEI journey- Ready, Set, Go! 3. They will have a good understanding of the theories that underpin the various paths to incorporating a DEI framework at work.

Facts Related To This Presentation

  1. According to McKinsey more needs to be done to strengthen inclusion and diversity. In the social listening approach they conducted, sentiment around inclusion was 29 percent positive and 61 percent negative.
  2. A 2019 Glassdoor survey reveals that 42% of employees have experienced racism in the workplace.

About The Speaker

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Amarachi Igboegwu

Amarachi Igboegwu

DEI Strategist/International Facilitator, Ignite2Transform

Categories Covered

Unconscious Bias

Ethnical & Cultural Differences

Employee Resources Groups (ERG)

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