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Mireille Toulekima

Planting the seeds of STEM in women in underprivileged communities

A Talk by Mireille Toulekima (Women leaders in non traditional industries, MT Energy Technical Academy)

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About this Talk

The higher share of people living in poverty are women. The cause of gendered poverty is structural. It is entrenched in societies, workplace setting and embedded in personal relationships.

Increasing women participation in STEM has proven to be an enabler to reduce the poverty level for women in underprivileged communities because STEM jobs are likely to result in higher wages and help empower economically challenged women.

Session Takeaways

1- STEM is undeniably important for women empowerment because it offers them an outlet leading away from the cycle of poverty;

2) Professions in STEM industries are not accompanied by higher wages, but they also come with numerous opportunities;

3) Ending occupational segregation in nontraditional fields, like STEM, is a critical step toward less poverty

Facts Related To This Presentation

• Do you know that the higher share of people living in poverty are women?

• Do you know that majority of low-income girl students in the United States come from underrepresented groups in STEM, such as Hispanic and Black individuals?

• Do you know that STEM can break this cycle of generational poverty?

About The Speaker

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Mireille Toulekima

Mireille Toulekima

Women leaders in non traditional industries, MT Energy Technical Academy

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Talent Development & Advancement

Gender Equality

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