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Owning inclusivity through communication in inclusive language.

A talk by Audry Bron
DEI & Global Communication Expert, Bontekoning & Bron

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About this talk

Through the use of inclusive language we create inclusive environments through radically other-centred approach resulting in a we perspective as a natural outcome to produce meaning in interactions through which individuals can accomplish their communicative objectives in relation to their purposes and interests.

Session Takeaways

  • (Pro) active listening with intent to understand plays is crucial in inclusive language.
  • Communication in an inclusive manner gives people a greater sense of belonging.
  • Language has a fascinating potency to help co-construct or transform communities and therefore plays a pivotal role in reaching inclusive environments.

Facts Related To This Presentation

  • Whether they are aware of it or not, because of the community gaze people are in a constant process of balancing different roles and expectations through the use of language.
  • The language we use has a pressurizing regulatory force on individuals’ identity performances resulting in a process of inclusion and or exclusion.
  • Teams with diverse identities bring complexities with them making the teams harder to manage.

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