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Jina Etienne

Mindful Communications - Leading Diverse Teams

A Talk by Jina Etienne (she/her) (Founder & Principal Consultant, Etienne Consulting)

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About this Talk

This session will look at how mindfulness, self-awareness and intention come together to form the basis of conscious communications. Applying the principles of conscious communications can help leaders listen better and communicate with intention to improve clarity, build trust and strengthen connections colleages, staff and clients.

Session Takeaways

• Learn how mindfulness influences behavior and decision making • Understand the principles of conscious communication • Understand how intention is the foundation of effective communication

Facts Related To This Presentation

Practicing mindfulness at work can help leaders learn to notice, in real time, 'non-conscious' thoughts. Mindful communications build resilience, improve relationships and even has proven, powerful health benefits. Mindfulness also helps improve self-awareness, helps leaders align their words, actions and behaviors with their intention. The results are powerful - increased trust, higher performing teams and effective, impactful communications.

About The Speaker

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Jina Etienne (she/her)

Jina Etienne (she/her)

Founder & Principal Consultant, Etienne Consulting

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