Toni McLelland

Lets mobilise, stand to & take action!!

A Talk by Toni McLelland (Critical Friend, Crisis Navigator, Business Mentor, 1st Life Consultancy Group)

About this Talk

Lets mobilise , stand to & Take action! Those in the police or military will understand the terms of getting ready and then moving into action. In this presentation I take you through the step by step to get there and the tools you need in your toolkit to get there.

Whilst it is important to talk it is also important to walk. Leading by example is key & whilst many leaders know their 'WHY' many are stuck on their 'WHAT' & HOW' so there is inaction. As an accountability partner I enlighten you with my wisdom to removing those barriers on the roadblocks to get you moving. I try to get you thinking about how Compassionate Leadership as the multi purpose tool in your toolkit can help you identify the blockers to action & get you over the line. In light of recent events around Covid, Intersectionality, BLM, The Harry & Meghan Interview as well as the Sewell report we will explore how that presents itself in organisations, WHAT your next steps HOW to deliver on them for positive work cultures. Why do the 'why' if you don't move to the 'what' & 'how' is a little like being an athlete doing the preparation without running the race. H is for Humans but it is also for Help & Hope! With this presentation I give both & demonstrate how leading with Compassion can expediate the process.

Session Takeaways

You cannot take action unless you know what & how...... 1. Recognising, acknowledging & accepting where you are with DEI as an organisation 2. Understanding What to do & how leading with compassion can help as the multi- purpose tool needed. 3. How to mobilise to action by thinking about the 'HOW' 4. Implementation-Quick wins to get you started

Facts Related To This Presentation

Many organisations get stuck in the What to do & 'taking action' phase after they know their why- we explore why people feel immobilised or powerless even when they know what is needed and understand the why. Many know and do not move forward as they do not have the right guidance support and advice to make the next move. Many are afraid of being chastised - lets explore How & What is needed to get you over the winning line....

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Toni McLelland

Toni McLelland

Critical Friend, Crisis Navigator, Business Mentor, 1st Life Consultancy Group

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