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Jessika Lynch

How thought leadership is becoming revolutionary (and how to get on board)

A Talk by Jessika Lynch (Thought Leadership Strategist and Communication Expert, Revolve for Impact)

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About this Talk

This talk is about revolutionary, bottom-up communication giving voice to people and groups who have traditionally not been heard. With it comes a shift of power. Thought leadership is a term that has been floating around for a while, but it has actually become much more significant in recent times because of the availability of communication platforms and tools that are in all of our hands. This has the potential to be utterly revolutionary! We'll help you understand why, thanks to communication, people no longer need a title bestowed upon them in order to be leaders.

Session Takeaways

  1. Awareness: Understanding the revolutionary effect of thought leadership: leadership has for so long been in the hands of only the few, so much so that we all need to understand what this is and just what we can do with thought leadership.

  2. Strategy: How to use thought leadership to create change from the bottom up – both inside and outside our organizations.

  3. Practically “speaking”: Tips for employing empowering communication and getting more speaking opportunities

Facts Related To This Presentation

More than a million people have the term ""thought leader"" somewhere on their LinkedIn profile. Yet the term itself, while clearly provoking interest, is still vague and many people are unclear on how to define it.

Communication is one of the most important skills a thought leader can possess. According to a study by Survey Monkey, 99% of respondents had communication as the top skill of thought leaders, with 83% calling it ""essential"".

About The Speaker

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Jessika Lynch

Jessika Lynch

Thought Leadership Strategist and Communication Expert, Revolve for Impact

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Talent Development & Advancement

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