Sandra Camacho

How might we...intentionally design a more inclusive tech-fueled future?

A Talk by Sandra Camacho (she/her) (Inclusive Design Strategist, Sandra By Design)

About this Talk

Our world is becoming more and more automated, with AI-powered technology helping us make decisions on who to hire, who to date, what to eat for dinner and what sort of social and political discourse to engage in.

While this technology makes our lives "easier," it is simultaneously building echo chambers where hate and toxicity run rampant, amplifying bias and racial profiling, and privileging the needs of those in dominant groups while overlooking those on the margins.

In this session, I'll explore what it'll take to change the status quo in Tech for a more inclusive future.

Session Takeaways

  • Discover how technology amplifies bias, hate and racial profiling and what that means for the future if left unchecked
  • Learn how inclusive design can help us build more inclusive products, services and experiences for all types of people
  • Get inspired by the work of organizations that are embracing culture change to combat racism, bias and inaccessibility in their products and services

Facts Related To This Presentation

  • Racism and bias have been 'designed' into products and technologies throughout history
  • An image-detection algorithm designed to optimize photo previews on Twitter was found to crop out Black faces in favor of white faces
  • Studies have found that proprietary credit score algorithms used by banks are discriminatory against borrowers of color who seek mortgages to buy homes

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About The Speaker

Sandra Camacho

Sandra Camacho (she/her)

Inclusive Design Strategist, Sandra By Design

Trained in intercultural relations, social design and design strategy. 10+ years in the Tech industry, including 8 years at Google across the U.S. and Europe.