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Kelly Rubin

From Shame to Strength

A Talk by Kelly Rubin (Strengths Coach & Mental Health Advocate, Independent)

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About this Talk

Finding Belonging in YourSELF through Strengths-Based Inquiry

Session Takeaways

  1. Aligning your strengths with your enivonrment gives you energy and allows you to make a greater impact

  2. Don't let society's reaction to your strengths convince you that they are weaknesses

  3. How to turn your weaknesses into strengths

Facts Related To This Presentation

  1. The World Health Organization has listed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder among the Top 10 illnesses in terms of potential to debilitate one's life

  2. People who know and use their talents at work are 3x more likely to be engaged at their jobs

About The Speaker

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Kelly Rubin

Kelly Rubin

Strengths Coach & Mental Health Advocate, Independent

Categories Covered

Unconscious Bias

Different Abilities

Mental Health

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