Sudha Sharma

Executive Presence for Women

A Talk by Sudha Sharma (Executive Presence for Women ( POC), Frucor Suntory)

About this Talk

Are you keen to learn, grow and be recognised as a leader and influencer? Then you are at the right place.

Session Takeaways

  1. Understanding of what Executive presence means 2. Identify opportunities to learn 3. Practical/doable tips and strategies.

Facts Related To This Presentation

Out of 400 CEO's surveyed, 78% believe that executive presence will hold people back from career progression. Executive presence accounts for 26% of what it takes to get the next promotion For Women and people of colour, feedback on executive presence can be hopelessly contradictory which may be why 81% say they are unclear as to how to act on it. FOR BOTH WOMEN AND PEOPLE OF COLOR, FEEDBACK ON EP CAN BE HOPELESSLY CONTRADICTORY—WHICH MAY BE WHY 81% SAY THEY’RE UNCLEAR AS TO HOW TO ACT ON IT.

About The Speaker

Sudha Sharma

Sudha Sharma

Executive Presence for Women ( POC), Frucor Suntory