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Saskia Wenniger

Empowering neurodivergent individuals to bring their strengths to work

A Talk by Saskia Wenniger (Coach for Neurodivergents and Learning Designer, Brilliantly Diverse / Kritisch&Creatief)

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About this Talk

Neurodiversity offers great opportunities for employees and employers alike. If we are able to tap into its opportunities. But people have to become afraid to show their true selves. In an era where many neurodivergents are often still confronted with stigma, misunderstandings and downright discrimination in the workplace: how can a Strenght-based approach help you make the shift?

Session Takeaways

-Neurodiversity offers great opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and leveraging people's strengths to solve complex problems. -Neurodivergents spiky profiles tend to benefit greatly from a Strengths-based approach, to help them bring their best selves to work -It's easy to start operating from a Strength=based approach: notice and make notes (and share them!).

Facts Related To This Presentation

-About 20% of the population are neurodivergent in one way or another -They are usually not operating at full capacity and often left behind in employment rates, career paths, and salary levels. -Employees who receive strengths feedback from their managers have turnover rates that are 14.9% lower than those for employees who do not.

About The Speaker

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Saskia Wenniger

Saskia Wenniger

Coach for Neurodivergents and Learning Designer, Brilliantly Diverse / Kritisch&Creatief

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