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Fran Ferris Ockwell

Bridging the diversity gap

A Talk by Fran Ferris Ockwell (Purpose driven leadership coach, Mantle)

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About this Talk

Exploring the benefits of adapting your business to become more equal, diverse and inclusive. In particular, how you can persaude Gen Zs to commit to your business when they want flexibility and freedom.

Session Takeaways

Learn what Gen Zs are looking for in inclusive employers. Learn why being more inclusive is actually a smart business decision. Learn what other businesses are doing to become Gen Z-friendly.

Facts Related To This Presentation

""Gen Z makes up more than a quarter of the U.S. population and will contribute $44 billion to the national economy...The core values of the generation are reflected in their prioritizing social activism more than previous generations and in the importance they place on working at organizations whose values align with their own, with 77% of respondents saying that it’s important."" Deloitte Global Marketing Trends 2020.

About The Speaker

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Fran Ferris Ockwell

Fran Ferris Ockwell

Purpose driven leadership coach, Mantle

Categories Covered

Flexible Working

Talent Development & Advancement

Inclusive Recruiting

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