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Asiya Hasan-Damen

Beyond the transactional - building empathy to drive transformational change

A Talk by Asiya Hasan-Damen (Helping build empathetic workplaces for the future, Cultuurloop)

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About this Talk

A short presentation that explores: What empathy and emotional intelligence has to do with DEI? What is emotional culture ? Explores transactional versus transformational change

Session Takeaways

The importance of understanding the emotional culture of your team & organization Without empathy true belonging and inclusivity is not possible Emotional intelligence is good for business - it impacts your bottom line and can increase your ROI

Facts Related To This Presentation

The revenue and profits of an organization are linked directly to its emotional intelligence capability. Researchers put the ROI of emotional intelligence training at nearly 1500%

As humans, we can experience around 34,000 emotions. We unconsciously process approximately 11 million pieces of information per second – of which only 40 pieces per second is conscious. Much of the subconscious activity is emotional stimuli. We are emotional beings so emotional culture cannot be ignored.

About The Speaker

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Asiya Hasan-Damen

Asiya Hasan-Damen

Helping build empathetic workplaces for the future, Cultuurloop

Categories Covered

Ethnical & Cultural Differences

Talent Development & Advancement


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