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Tammy Parrish

Amplify Leadership through Personal Branding

A Talk by Tammy Parrish (Image Consultant, The Clothing Compass)

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About this Talk

Everyone has a personal brand that captures and communicates what it is about you that makes you unique. Why not intentionally use it to serve as a role model and inspire your colleagues? When you use your personal brand to amplify your leadership, you encourage others to do the same. When we can be authentic at work, we can relax; feel inspired to do our best; and stay.

In this session you’ll hear examples of how six individuals used their personal brand to help themselves, as well as amplify their leadership. Organizations that invest in their employees' personal brands are not only contributing to personal development and transferrable skills, they're also creating brand ambassadors and improving their bottom line.

Session Takeaways

Strengthening your personal brand: - makes you a better leader - promotes inclusion and cultivates a sense of belonging in your workplace - serves you no matter where you work

Facts Related To This Presentation

  • High belonging has been linked to a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% drop in turnover risk, and a 75% reduction in sick days, (BetterUp in the Harvard Business Review)
  • Diverse teams are 70% better at tapping new markets and 120% more likely to reach key financial targets (Fundera)
  • 77% of people choose brands that share their values (Havas Group)

About The Speaker

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Tammy Parrish

Tammy Parrish

Image Consultant, The Clothing Compass

Categories Covered

Ethnical & Cultural Differences

Talent Development & Advancement


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