Sergio Panday

Advancing your career as an ethnic minority

A Talk by Sergio Panday (Co-Founder Roots Inspire, Roots Inspire)

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Have you ever felt as if you are the first one to do this? The first one in your family, the first one amongst your friends?

Advancing your career as an ethnic minority feels lonely sometimes, especially if there is no one in the room that looks like you.

But guess what, you are not the first one to do this. There are plenty of us that understand what it takes - to have gotten to where you are now, but also to advance your career to those senior corporate levels.

Let us share that blueprint with you!

Session Takeaways

1) The corporate career game is played differently if you come from an ethnic minority background. 2) You are not the first one to do this; there is a wealth of knowledge (and support!) to tap into. 3) Corporate leadership has to be changed from within, so let's go do it!

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Contrary to common belief, how well you do your job has very little to do with how successful you are in your professional career. According to Harvey Coleman in his book "Empowering Yourself, The Organizational Game Revealed" performance counts for 10% of your success, image 30%, and exposure an eye-popping 60%!

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Sergio Panday

Sergio Panday

Co-Founder Roots Inspire, Roots Inspire

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