Elizabeth Lembke

Unspoken Themes in DE&I

A Talk by Elizabeth Lembke (Chief Talent Navigator or Devil's Advocate for Talent, Transforming Talent)

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How are we creating brave spaces where people Can - and Will Raise their Voices And Where They Will Be Heard? Why are hesitant when addressing elephants in the room when discussing DE&I? The needle will not move if we do not. Aas the partnership between D&I, Talent and Learning becomes stronger, it is important for us to ask what are some of the hard questions, unspoken themes around D&I - and see how these are reflected in our organizational and HR practices. Why? So that we can truly foster brave environments, where people can thrive and not hide.

Session Takeaways

Why ""one-and-done"" is not going to cut it when it comes to DE&I Giving grace and space to go beyond Compliance Thrive not hide: how to we foster environments where that is a lived reality?

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Elizabeth Lembke

Elizabeth Lembke

Chief Talent Navigator or Devil's Advocate for Talent, Transforming Talent

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