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Sexual Assumptions and Black Women in the Workplace

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When sexual harassment happens in the workplace, it is not taken seriously and even moreso with Black women. The assumption that “she asked for it” or “she wanted it” is a carry over from the “Angry Black Woman” assumption. The level of disrespect for Black female colleagues is the unspoken Elephant in the room. In my talk I will bring light to the historical roots, the ongoing economic and psychological effects, and what you can do to change it as a leader.

Session Takeaways

Listening and hearing with compassion Rape happens at work You can stop the assumptions

Facts Related To This Presentation

African American women are at disproportionate risk of sexual violence. Workplace harassment against Black women is rooted in anti-Black, patriarchal, and capitalist systems This part of the race wage gap Black women also experience significantly higher rates of psychological abuse — including humiliation, insults, name-calling and coercive control — than do women over all.

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Unlearning Labels Company Assessment. Become a human centric environment and psychologically safe for Black women.


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Cordelia Gaffar

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