Nina Guillerme

Queer up your space!

A Talk by Nina Guillerme (Intersectional DEI advocate, facilitator and trainer, Diverse and Inclusive consulting)

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About this Talk

Queer people are extremely talented and courageous people. By Queer, we don't mean only people belonging to the LGBTIQ+ community. It can be anyone of us. Queer means that you choose to be yourself with all your soul and without shame, that you refuse to fit into to strict norms and standards. In a uniform workplace, people tend to adapt their language, attitudes and self-being to what is expected from them. It refreins well-being, creativity and the sense of belonging to a community. In this session, we will explore what Queerness is and how to give space to it in the workplace.

Session Takeaways

For attendees who don't identify as Queer: you will get a better understanding about what Queer does mean and why it is important to give a space to LGBTQI+ and (gender)non-conforming people in the workplace. For Queer people: you will to hear diverse and nuanced testimonies from Queer employees speaking freely and safely about their experiences and challenges, and get tips to improve spaces where you are working in.

Facts Related To This Presentation

On average, 33 % of LGBTI+ employees in Europe did not disclose their identity at the workplace, 13 % of them experienced discrimination (The Business Case for Diversity in the Workplace: sexual orientation and gender identity).

Studies have demonstrated that LGBTI people tend to leave their job (about 9%), or not to accept job offers, at workplaces where they feel discriminated against, or where they expect they would be discriminated against (Human Rights Campaign)

About The Speaker

Nina Guillerme

Nina Guillerme

Intersectional DEI advocate, facilitator and trainer, Diverse and Inclusive consulting