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Uzma Mohamedali

How do I talk about race in the workplace?

A Talk by Uzma Mohamedali (Coach and activist, Reflect to Act Coaching)

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About this Talk

A year since the Black Lives Matter movement and inequality is still rife across a range of industries.

How and why do the narratives that companies create, stall momentum towards greater equality?

What can be done about it?

And how can the sensitive issue of race be talked about?

This talk is for you if you are a leader seeking integrity and action for sustainable change.

Session Takeaways

The stories that large multi-nationals tell themselves, that you buy into

Understanding knee-jerk change versus creating the ground for sustainable change in DEI

Understanding that change starts with us

Facts Related To This Presentation

A great article from Harvard Business Review called ‘How to Promote racial equity in the workplace’ clearly hits the nail on the head: It says:

The real challenge for organizations is not figuring out ‘what can we do’ but rather ‘are we willing to do it?’

About The Speaker

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Uzma Mohamedali

Uzma Mohamedali

Coach and activist, Reflect to Act Coaching

MCIM, International Coaching Federation (ICF) Member

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