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Goodbye 9 Box Grid - Hello Hidden Talent - The Future of Inclusive Talent Management

A Talk by Martin Mason (He/Him) (Unleashed International, Unleashed International)

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Do you need to create a workforce where talent can be identified and deployed quickly and without bias? Join me for a session that will support you in taking a new inclusive approach to talent management, where we explore techniques to maximise the output of your talent practices, discover ways to make your workforce happier and more productive and explore a real-life case study from a global retail business.

Session Takeaways

1 - Myth-busting traditional practices - what are the challenges with techniques like the 9-box grid?

2 - How to discover hidden talents in your organisation

3 - Techniques to maximise the output of your talent practices

Facts Related To This Presentation

According to research by Paddle HR -The #1 reason for employee attrition is lack of career growth. 42% of employees cite the lack of career growth as the reason why they left their employer. This beats out salary and people-related issues as attrition-drivers.

Career mobility opportunities are not equitably distributed in your company. Underrepresented groups are 50% more likely to be passed over for a promotion. This leads to a lack of diverse leadership and talent throughout your organisation.

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Martin Mason (He/Him)

Martin Mason (He/Him)

Unleashed International, Unleashed International

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