Christina Garrett

Frustration to Fruition: Amplifying your productivity by balancing your family life

A Talk by Christina Garrett (Executive Women's Productivity Consultant, The Momathon Organization Movement, LLC)

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About this Talk

Having a family impacts workplace productivity more than we realize. Exhausted, burnout and overwhelmed parents come to work unable to execute accordingly when they lack the time management techniques to ""do it all."" Our signature seminar supports parents with our 4 pillars of productivity - parenting style!

Session Takeaways

1) Create a family vision - what's important to your family values? How does this affect how you spend your hours? 2) Communicate your needs to your loved ones - How do you need time for self-care, mental wellness, work + career growth and support at home? 3) Delegate unnecessary tasks - what can only you do? What can someone else take care of so you can focus on work tasks effectively!

Facts Related To This Presentation

Having children impacts the mother's work time, drastically reducing it, but does not impact the father's work hours.

While mothers of young children spend less time on paid work, they are significantly more likely to engage in household labor and chores on days when they also work for pay.

About The Speaker

Christina Garrett

Christina Garrett

Executive Women's Productivity Consultant, The Momathon Organization Movement, LLC