Marjolijn Vlug

Find your style of allyship

A Talk by Marjolijn Vlug (Career & Allyship Coach, Marjolijn Vlug Coaching)

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About this Talk

When you’re motivated to be an ally for amplifying DEI, you may have found that doesn’t directly bring you a clear-cut action plan. Actually creating change and increasing DEI isn’t something we can do with a snap of the finger. It takes time and many small and large efforts in organisations, communities, society. I’m here to inspire you to see that there are many roles you can take on to have an impact. And to kickstart you to explore which roles suit you best, to make the impact that you are positioned to make.

Session Takeaways

  • Get inspired about the range of roles an individual can take on in amplifying DEI
  • Make a start with exploring which roles fit with who you are
  • Make it real by being aware of your motivation, and the first step you can take today.

About The Speaker

Marjolijn Vlug

Marjolijn Vlug

Career & Allyship Coach, Marjolijn Vlug Coaching

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