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Ariffa Bevin

ERGs and Using Data for DEI Strategic Planning

A Talk by Ariffa Bevin (Manager of Diveristy, Equity and Inclusion, CDE, Unite Us)

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About this Talk

We’ve heard it before: “data drives strategy”. And although the same can be said for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and programming, it can still be a challenge to not only plan and launch a program, but for it be successful as well. This presentation will: - Discuss the importance of data as it relates to the development and implementation of a DEI strategy - Review strategies for gathering data - Discuss employee resource groups as a concreate example of strategic planning - Define what success in DEI programming can and should look like

Session Takeaways

Participants will leave with: 1) An understanding of the importance of using data as the foundation for developing DEI initiatives 2) Clear next steps on developing ERGs for their organizations 3) A thorough understanding of how to track measurable outcomes and success

Facts Related To This Presentation

According to DiversityJournal.com, a few reasons why diversity, equity, and inclusion programming fail is because of: - Their focus on changing numbers versus changing culture; and - One-off programming versus holistic and consistent initiatives

About The Speaker

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Ariffa Bevin

Ariffa Bevin

Manager of Diveristy, Equity and Inclusion, CDE, Unite Us

Categories Covered

Ethnical & Cultural Differences

Employee Resources Groups (ERG)


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