Stacy Bernal

Don't Be the 'Work Jerk': Combat Your Implicit Biases

A Talk by Stacy Bernal (Change Instigator, See Stacy Speak LLC)

About this Talk

In this empowering and engaging presentation, Stacy leads a discussion on some of the ways Implicit Bias affects the work environment, from the C-suite down.

Everyone has some sort of bias and the only way to work through it is to recognize, accept, and own it.

Drawing on her background in communication and as a minority woman in business, she will provide tools and actionable strategies for audience members to implement in their personal and professional settings to recognize their own biases, chart a course for correction, and create lasting change in their lives.

Session Takeaways

With the understanding that DEI work is a marathon and not a sprint, this workshop serves as a catalyst to:

  • Create more awareness of what Implicit Bias is and how it manifests in the workplace
  • Learn ways to handle the impacts of Implicit Bias, as a participant or bystander
  • Empower attendees to create change in themselves, their organizations and their communities
  • Ignite excitement for attendees to continue DEI work in their personal journey

Facts Related To This Presentation

-According to The Female Lead, one problem that blocks women's careers is an "Unentitled Mindset," that conditions women to feel less entitled than men in all aspects of their lives.

-Recent research from McKinsey & Co. reveals that, not surprisingly, the pandemic disproportionately impacted women and WOC, unwinding years of painstaking progress toward gender diversity.

-Disabled people make up a third to a half of people killed by law enforcement."

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Combating Implicit Bias


About The Speaker

Stacy Bernal

Stacy Bernal

Change Instigator, See Stacy Speak LLC