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Greg Fontus

DEI Work That Works!

A Talk by Greg Fontus (DEI Strategist, Consultant, and Motivator, The Fontus Experience/Proactive Talent)

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About this Talk

Many organizations are seeking to figure out how to implement a DEI strategy that is sustainable, culturally relevant, and adaptable to the needs of its people and community. This presentation is designed to provide DEI practitioners with a practical and proven model for developing a DEI strategy that yields success and inclusive excellence.

Session Takeaways

1) Attendees will gain an understanding of the inclusive excellence strategy model for success. 2) Attendees will explore the challenges to developing a DEI strategy that works. 3) Attendees will gain practical steps for implementing a DEI strategy in their respective context. 3) Attendees will

Facts Related To This Presentation

1) The number of people with the title ""head of diversity"" jumped 104% from 2015 to 2020, per LinkedIn data. And the number of people with the ""chief diversity officer"" title increased 68% in that same period. 2) The U.S. is still behind other nations, with 0.73 diversity and inclusion employees for every 10,000, compared with the U.K.'s 1.93 and Australia's 1.04, according to LinkedIn's analysis. 3) Companies' top diversity executives too often lack the power or resources to effect real change.

About The Speaker

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Greg Fontus

Greg Fontus

DEI Strategist, Consultant, and Motivator, The Fontus Experience/Proactive Talent

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Talent Development & Advancement

Inclusive Recruiting

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