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Shaun Mason

Cracking the Creativity Code: Creating a Culture of Connection

A Talk by Shaun Mason (Scott Mason, LLC, Scott Mason, LLC)

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About this Talk

In a world where the pace of change is mounting, trust in large institutions is in decline, and workers feel like commodities rather than humans, creating a culture of connection and inclusivity within your organization is the only way it can meet the challenges of a world in transformation. In this presentation, we'll discuss why leadership focused on empathetic interactions, shattered comfort zones, and humor supports DEI in the workplace and can help build the connectivity we need to climb new mountains.

Session Takeaways

(1) Intentional focus on empathetic interactions creates universes of possibility. (2) our interpersonal comfort zones surround us with people but crowd out meaningful community; freedom from comfort builds true community and creativity. (3) Humor (especially at our own expense) is the forgotten pillar of connection; no real community can be built without it.

Facts Related To This Presentation

Only 51% of Millennials see businesses as a force for good, down from 76% in 2017 , and only 1/3 see business leaders as having a positive impact on them (Deloitte's 2020 Global Millennial Survey) 82% of employees would leave their employer for a more empathetic one (Businesssolver.com's 2019 Workplace State of Empathy Study) A sense of community is one of the key drivers of a healthy workplace culture (The Health Enhancement Research Organization, 2016)

About The Speaker

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Shaun Mason

Shaun Mason

Scott Mason, LLC, Scott Mason, LLC

Contributing Author: "Guts, Grit, & the Grind, v. 3: A Men's Mental health MANual" First Deputy Chief Executive, NYC Office of Administrative Trials & Hearings General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Urban Resource Institute Graduate, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses J.D., Columbia Law School

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