Mark Travis Rivera

Authenticity: Why its Essential to True Belonging

A Talk by Mark Travis Rivera (Professional Storyteller, DEI Consultant, Speaker, and Writer, Nika White Consulting)

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About this Talk

We live in a society that wants us to be real, but within the confines of what is expected of us based on the gender we were assigned at birth. For many LGBTQ+ individuals, coming out or living your truth often subjects you to discrimination, homelessness, family rejection and more. I will share my story as a Latinx, disabled, queer, and gender nonconforming man and provide tips for how authenticity serves as my superpower. I believe that authenticity is essential to to true belonging.

Session Takeaways

  • Attendees will learn through an intersectional lens, how to be more authentic and why authenticity is so important to belonging.
  • Attendees will learn how to foster a workspace that cultivates authenticity and a culture of belonging. -Attendees will learn about the unique challenges that LGBTQ+ people face globally

Facts Related To This Presentation

According to Catalyst: -Almost half (46%) of LGBTQ workers in the United States are closeted in the workplace. -Employees report feeling exhausted from spending time and energy concealing their authentic selves:

17% are exhausted from hiding their sexual orientation. 13% are exhausted from hiding their gender identity.

About The Speaker

Mark Travis Rivera

Mark Travis Rivera

Professional Storyteller, DEI Consultant, Speaker, and Writer, Nika White Consulting