Lana Jelenjev

Advocating for Neurodiversity in the Workplace

A Talk by Lana Jelenjev (Community Alchemist, Neurodiversity Foundation/Neurodiversity Education Academy)

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About this Talk

What does Neurodiversity mean? How can we start designing spaces where all neurotypes can thrive? In this presentation, Lana will share the basic tenets around Neurodiversity and how we can start implementing small changes within our working environment. We would also tackle the common misconceptions around Neurodiversity.

Session Takeaways

  1. Have an initial understanding of Neurodiversity
  2. Identify practices that they can implement at work
  3. Bust myths around Neurodiverse individuals.

Facts Related To This Presentation

Productivity and work quality: JPMorgan Chase reports that professionals in its Autism at Work initiative make fewer errors and are 90% to 140% more productive than neurotypical employees.

Talent retention: the four largest US autism hiring programs (SAP, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft and EY) all have retention rates of more than 90%, higher than the average retention rates in their industries.

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Lana Jelenjev

Lana Jelenjev

Community Alchemist, Neurodiversity Foundation/Neurodiversity Education Academy

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